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Read with closed eyes

Iphone Settings

Voice Over
This tool will read everything in the screen. And if it is a book reader, it will pass the pages too.
1)  The first step is setting the Shortcut.

a)In Settings ----> General  ----> Accessibility Shortcut (Go to the end of the list)
b)  Select Accessibility Shortcut (
c) Choose Voice Over as your shortcut

2) Go back to Settings ----> General  ---->Voice Over
a) Select Voice Over

b) You can activate, set velocity and other.
b.1) Check the instructions.
b.1.1) Tap once to select an item
b.1.2) Double-tap to activate the selected item
b.1.3) Swipe three fingers to scroll
b.2) You can set the velocity of speaking
If you activate it ( the first switch), you'll hear the velocity of the girl or guy speaking.
b.1.4) In speech we can select if you have more than one language.

2) Rotor items selection
In order to have only the useful items, we'll remove the rest in it.
Settings ----> General ----> Accessibility-----> Voice Over-----> Rotor.
5.1) You could add Zoom or not
5.2) Velocity of speaking and other you'd like.

3) Settings ----> General----> Language
3.1) Select the iPhone Language, add whatever you need.

Start reading with closed eyes

Try not to use VoiceOver once you had scrolling and get in the app and pages you want it to read. Otherwise you have to tap twice for activating every selection.
Using VoiceOver:
1) Open the app you wish VoiceOver start to read. In this case Wattpad.
2)Go to the section and paragraphs you wish to hear.
3) Turn VoiceOver on:
Click three times in the home button
You'll hear: "Voice Over activated. "
4) Tap once to select the paragraph you want to   start.
5) Flick down with two fingers
VoiceOver starts reading
PAUSE: Tap once with two fingers
SELECT: Once for select an item
START READING: Flick down with two fingers.
ACTIVATE: Double-tap to activate the selected item
SAVE BATTERY: Tap 3 times with 3 fingers: Screen curtain on or  off

MORE ACTIONS: According to the settings you have for zoom or others, it could vary the number of tapping you'll need for each action.  Check first the first point to hear the instructions of your iPhone.
1) Starting Help: Double-tap with 4 fingers.
To stop help, perform a four finger twice or tap Esc.
It will say what action it does every finger tap
2) Tap once with 1 finger: select the item under the finger
3)Tap once with 2 fingers: Pause or continues the speaking.
4)Tap once with 3 fingers: It says the page number or the exposed rows.
5) Tap once with 4 fingers: Goes to the last item.
6) Tap twice with 3 fingers: Zoom if you have it settled. Otherwise next steps will be the minor tapping number.
7) Tap 2 or 3 times with 3 fingers: speech on and off.
8) Tap 3 or 4 times with 3 fingers: Screen curtain on or  off.
9) Tap twice or 3 times with 3 fingers: speech off
10) To scroll a bar, you have Tap twice and hold the finger down. If you loose contact, you can't scroll left/right, up/down.
11) Rotor: To choose a menu of language, velocity of speaking, punctuation reading.
Slide 2 finger clockwise or counterclockwise to see a menu and select an item.
11.1) Flick up or down to change option of previous item selected.
12) Tap twice with 2 fingers: For example:
12.1) answer and hangs up a thelephone call
starts and stop the stopwatch
12.2) takes a picture in camera or
12.3) pauses and resumes voicemail message playback

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